Characteristic of Agritec Ltd.

Company Agritec is particularly engaged in the research of genetic resources of legumes, flax and hemp; the genetic and breeding research of fibre and technical crops and legumes; the research of growing technologies of technological crops and legumes. In addition to research we cultivate technical crops and legumes. We are dealing with research projects MoA (s), Ministry of Education, CSF, TA CR and EU. Research Plant Breeding and Seed Production Consultancy Services


  1. Germplasm resources of grain legumes, flax/linseed and hemp.
  2. Genetic and breeding methods of grain legumes, flax and winter rape.
  3. Biotechnology of grain legumes, flax and winter rape.
  4. Agrotechnology of pea, faba bean, lupin, flax, hemp and caraway.
  5. Integrated plant protection of grain legumes and flax.

2.Plant Breeding and Seed Production

  1. Breeding of pea, horse bean, flax/linseed and winter rape.
  2. Maintenance breeding of own and licenced varieties.
  3. Representation of foreign companies for variety testing.
  4. Variety identification by protein and DNA markers.
  5. Seed testing for biological quality.
  6. Production, adjustment, storage and sale of seeds of grain legumes and technical   crops.


  1. Research results application in agriculture, purchase and processing industry.
  2. Lecture and expertise activities in agriculture.
  3. Technological and economical consultancy for farmers, breeders and seed producers.
  4. Regional contact organization for 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programme EU.


  1. Operation of an accredited „Entrepreneurial and innovation Park.
  2. Sale of pesticides.
  3. Testing and chemical analyses of inorganic and organic compounds, analyses of   mycotoxins.
  4. Scutching flax processing and analysis of fibre content and quality.
  5. Production and sale of ornamentals, vegetables seedlings, micropropagation of ornamentals.