Morphological and molecular relationships in Pisum L. (2009)

Morphological and molecular relationships in Pisum L.

Leguminosae includes many economically important and versatile plants, with those used for grains and pulses representing the largest share of cultivated species. The classification of Pisum L. based on morphology and karyology has changed over time . Currently two species P. fulvum Sibth. & Sm. and P. sativum L. are recognized. The taxonomic position of P. abyssinicum is often discussed; whether this lineage has diverged sufficiently from other taxa to be considered a separate species or whether should be placed within P. sativum as a subgroup. Recent phylogenetic studies using various molecular markers have shown close relationship of Pisum to Lathyrus and Vicia. It is undoubtedly nested in Vicia, perhaps in Lathyrus as well, and is very closely allied to Vavilovia.

Ambrose, Mike; Ellis, Noel; Flavell, Andrew; Kenicer, Gregory; Kosterin, Oleg