About us

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AGRITEC – applied and basic research for agriculture, environment and food industry; plant breeding, multiplication and sale of seeds, chemicals for plant protection, substrates, feed; services in the field of biochemistry, chemical analysis, laboratory and field testing of preparations, auxiliary substances, varieties; consulting and advisory services.


1. Research

  • Genetic resources of legumes, flax and hemp
  • Genetic breeding methods for legumes, flax and rape
  • Biotechnology of legumes, flax and rape
  • Cultivation technologies for peas, broad beans, lupins, flax, hemp, caraway
  • Integrated conservation of legumes and flax

2. Breeding and seed production

  • New breeding of flax, peas, broad beans, rape
  • Maintenance breeding of own and licensed varieties
  • Representation of foreign companies for variety trials
  • Production, treatment, storage and marketing of seeds of leguminous and industrial crops

3. Services

  • Testing and chemical analysis of inorganic and organic substances, determination of mycotoxins
  • Sorting of flax straw and determination of fibre content and quality
  • Testing of plant protection products for registration
  • Operation of an accredited 'Business and Innovation Park' with rental of office and operational premises

4. Retail and wholesale

  • Sale of plant protection products
  • Trade in seeds of field crops
  • Growing and sale of ornamental plants, vegetable seedlings, growing substrates
  • Sale of feed for domestic and farm animals
  • Meristematic propagation of ornamental plants

5. Consultancy

  • Application of research results in agricultural practice, purchasing, processing industry
  • Lecturing and expert activities in the field of agriculture
  • Technological and economic consultancy for growers, agricultural practice


  • Field experimentation – yield trials, biological and phytopathological tests
  • Testing of plant protection products and adjuvants in the GEP system
  • GMOs – authorisation for (1) internal use and (2) release into the environment (peas, broad beans, flax)
  • Chemical analyses of the content of plant commodities including heavy metal detection
  • Flow-cytometry – determination of ploidy in plant material
  • Expert and economic consultancy for farmers
  • Participation in projects with Czech grant agencies (NAZV, MŠMT, TAČR, OPVK, GAČR)
  • Long-term participation in international research projects (EUREKA, Copernicus, COST, CONTACT, Norwegian Funds, EUROSTARS, FP7)

What else we offer

  • Education of students (university, high school) and specialists in the field of modern technologies of field and garden crop breeding, including practical application and EU legislation (lectures, excursions, short-term and long-term internships, expert guidance of bachelor, diploma and dissertation theses in the field).
  • Infrastructure for lectures, field work (field experimentation according to the GEP system) and laboratory exercises in the field of plant biotechnology.
  • Training of management and technical staff in the field of agriculture and landscape protection in terms of new technological and cultivation systems - EU legislation, sustainability, economics (seminars, training, internships).
  • Integrated plant protection - training of plant protection workers, according to the principles of EU and Czech legislation for obtaining competence in handling plant protection products.
  • Exploiting the potential of organic farming for the Olomouc Region (cooperation with Bioinstitut, o.p.s.; PRO-BIO Association, VÚCHS Rapotín, s.r.o.; Palacký University in Olomouc).
  • Use of specialized agricultural library and specialized natural science and agricultural databases - (follow-up to the project Branch library of applied agricultural research), training of students and specialized staff, management in orientation to appropriate resources.
  • Employment of university graduates in science and agriculture with input support from regional or EU sources.
  • Organization of professional conferences and workshops at the international level – all infrastructure, comfortable facilities including accommodation and numerous experiences in organizing events of this type (possibility of renting premises including equipment rental).