Applied and basic research for agriculture

czech version

Agricultural research in Šumperk since 1942

We research genetic resources of legumes, flax and hemp and cultivation technologies and integrated conservation of peas, broad beans, flax, hemp and caraway

  • research and maintenance of genetic resources of the flax legume (responsible institution for the Czech Republic) within the framework of the National Genetic Resources Programme of the Czech Republic and FAO
  • research on genetic breeding methods for legumes, flax and rape
  • research on biotechnology of legumes, flax, rape, hemp, caraway and poppy
  • research on cultivation technologies for peas, broad beans, lupins, flax, hemp and caraway
  • improving resistance to complex fungal pathogens in pea, flax, linseed, winter rape, medicinal and root crops
  • research on integrated protection of legumes, flax, cumin, hemp and other field crops
  • research on the use of biochemical and molecular markers and image analysis for the accurate characterisation of genetic resources and for the development of core collections
  • research on resistance to complex fungal pathogens of pea and flax