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Developments in fibrous flax breeding and cultivation (2012)

Developments in fibrous flax breeding and cultivation

The chapter is dealing with flax and linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) methods of breeding. At the beginning of the chapter the survey of flax growing in Europe and in the world is presented followed by description of the work with flax and linseed genetic resources, International Flax Database, conventional and unconventional methods of breeding. The chapter is closed with the Internet link to the European catalogue with flax and linseed varieties.

Handbook of Natural Fibres. Types, Properties and Factors Affecting Breeding and Cultivation. Volume 1 in Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles. Edited by:R. Kozlowski. 2012.  s. 393–468. ISBN 978-1-84569-697-9

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