Species of the genus Meligethes occurring in oil-seed crop fields in the Czech Republic

Identification of Meligethes species and their frequencies in adult samples collected in different localities in the central and southern Moravia (the Czech Republic, 2009-2011) was based on comparisons of morphometric and colour characters and on differences in male and female genitalia. M. aeneus, M. viridescens, M. subaeneus, M. atratus and M. coracinus were recorded in every of the three years. M. nigrescens was recorded in 2009 and 2011, M. carinulatus and M. maurus in 2010 and 2011. M. aeneus was the most frequent species in all compared samples (2009–2011). From the accompanying species M. subaeneus and M. viridescens were markedly more frequent in this study. Considering high resistance of M. aeneus to esteric pyrethroids it could be helpful to distinguish among the Meligethes species occurring in field samples intended for laboratory testing.
Tóth P., Hrudová E., Sapáková E., Závadská E., Seidenglanz M.:
Plant Protection Science, 2013, 49(4): 177–186 [ abstract ] [ fulltext ]
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