Transgenic pea with improved tolerance to Pea Enation Mosaic Virus (2009)

Pea Enation Mosaic Virus (PEMV) and Pea Seed-borne Mosaic Virus (PSbMV) represent very important economical risks for pea growers by 10-25% decrease of seed yield. In our study, the induction of virus resistance / tolerance in transgenic pea lines were developed by the introgression of full length as well as fragments of cDNA of the PEMV and PSbMV viral coat proteins which were cloned in sense and antisense orientations into pGreenII plasmid (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK). The level of virus replication after mechanical inoculation was monitored by time-sequenced DAS-ELISA. In transgenic pea lines T3 with PSbMV coat protein fragments the concentration of virus RNA was after 14 days transiently enhanced (in average up to 125%), but after 28 days the mean of RNA concentration was 37% as compared to the control non-transgenic inoculated plants (100%).

Šafářová, Dana; Hanáček, Pavel; Reinöhl, Vilém; Navrátil, Milan
kapitola v odborné knize